Photographer - Wei Gang
Fashion Art Director & Stylist - Dou Qianlin
Model - Elenna Vorobyeva at Jenny’s agency
3D Designer - Zixiong Wei


"Martian" is a network term used to refer to people whose inner world is different from the real world. They feel that their existence and thoughts are incompatible with the surrounding world. In fact, each of us as an independent individual can be called "Martian." "The accident is coming. Long periods of solitude and self-thinking make people more calmly look at their relationship with the world, contradictions, reconciliation, and the works explain the survival process of "Martians" through images. Their struggle and confusion.

In terms of creative technique, I use the positional relationship of circles in the geometric concept to conceptually describe their living state, namely tangent-meet, intersect-exchange, coincidence-consensus assimilation and apply this concept to 3D installations and lighting installations. In constantly thinking about the relationship between the individual and society, gradually extending deep into the heart, the vague guide also wants to say that everyone has his own way of reconciling with the world.