Art Direction - Dou Qianlin
Photography - Sharon Huang
Set - Wei Shen


Some things ,once you in love with them, they become yours forever.And if you try to let them go, they only circle back and return to you, they become part of you.

This project focuses on the starting point and end point of the circle of life. Maision toxic buyer's shop is rooted in a city torn by the times. It has a long cultural history and a vast loess land. People living here have nostalgia for the land in the past and are ecstatic about the rise of the new city. There is a kind of ambiguous contradiction between the cultural geography and fashion here. So they fell into an unprecedented state of confusion.
In Xi'an, a confused City, the blank of its spiritual world is more prominent at the moment of rapid realization. Maision toxic's "poison" has become the antidote to the city, for amplifying the city's sensitive emotions and creating surreal illusions and dreams.