Art Director & Stylist - Dou Qianlin
Photographer - Liang Wang (ASCC)
Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist  - Zoe Wang & Ya Li
SE-Make up - Huanli Guo
Model - Zhang Zheng/Wanqi Chen/Kefei Zhu/
Pengtao Gong/Yuze Lee
Producer - Jieyi Bai/Lisa


IL giudizio Universale (by Michelangelo Buonarroti) describes that after the chaos of human society, God will come again for trial, and all the living and the dead will get the deserved results, and the three realms of God, man and hell will return to the original perfect order after the trial. The grand narrative and artistic techniques of this painting  is like a huge mirror, reflecting the vicissitudes of human beings. In the picture, God looks like us, and the devil is no different from us. Light and darkness can be chosen, and man struggles and wanders in the gray area of the two worlds.In this anxious society, people can choose to be demon or god.